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Its not often that I look forward to an advert on TV. The latest advert from Three however is different.

There’s nothing different about the concept of random TV adverts. We’ve seen it in the past from big names such as Cadbury and First Direct Bank. It’s the type of advertising that appeals to me most. It’s companies showing that they don’t have to ram their products in my face and tell me how brilliant feature X, Y and Z are of the ‘next best thing’. It’s these adverts that stick in my head the longest.

My perception of Three has always been shaky. I remember when they first launched the brand back in 2003. It was the ‘underdog’ network and they choose their 3G coverage as their main selling point. Unfortunately in the years they have been around I have heard very mixed reports on both their 3G signal and customer service. I’ve never had a contract with them myself for this very reason. However, I’ve recently been looking around for the best value iPhone contracts and Three are coming up trumps. There’s still this perception of an incompetent network in the back of my head though, telling me it’s worth the extra few quid a month for a ‘premium’ network.

This advert has changed my perception. Three have made me smile. They’ve made me laugh out loud at an advert. In contrast to my normal reaction when the majority of adverts come on my screen of disappear and annoyance, this is great. My emotions have been touched, if only slightly, in a positive way. The next time I interact with Three I imagine this positive emotion will likely have replaced my negativity.

For me, this is what companies should be trying to do to win me over. Amuse me and I might give you a second thought when I come to choose my next phone contract.

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