The first step to an online presence

The default posture of the Internet is that you put work out and hope that someone connects with it, learns from it, and builds upon it. That isn’t unique to the web community, but it’s one of our community’s greatest traits—everyone shares what they do and we all learn from one another. Jason Santa Maria

I think I’ve been waiting too long. Waiting till I reach a certain level of skill of design. Waiting till I write something spectacular. I’ve been worried that I’m just not quite ‘there’ yet. I’ve kept asking myself whether I was proud enough of the work I’ve done to show it to people.

Then I read an interview with Jason Santa Maria on The Great Discontent. His words made me stop and think if any of my doubts really mattered. I know I have a long way to go but there’s no point in sitting on my work quietly until I feel its time to ‘go live’, I don’t think there is a right ‘time’ even for the people at the very forefront of the industry. I am ready, I just need to go ahead and start.

That’s how far I got back in October 2012. Surprise, surprise, I didn’t listen to my own words. This time will be different, this is just the beginning of a life long work-in-progress.

I’m only at the beginning of my web design and development journey. Every day I seem to stumble on something new, whether it be a tool or a process, that I can then integrate into my projects to constantly improve them and better myself. Time and time again I’ve opened up a project I was working on only weeks ago to see CSS selectors or markup patterns that I’d never dream of using now. So heres the first of many things I plan to publish on this site — and hopefully not the last.

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