Ideas or Practice

My current brief was set by the BBC for the 2013 D&AD student awards. It is simple titled “what does it mean to be ‘alive’ online?” I should look at how we turn otherwise static websites into pages that feel updated, dynamic and relevant? How should live updates sit alongside the BBC archive and connect to the rest of the BBC’s content. Consider creating a blueprint that brings to life how your proposal will work across different user journeys, screens, BBC products and with editorial teams. Not very specific is it?

Up until this point in the year I have been writing my own briefs for each of my projects. Most were written around personal projects I have taken on with a focus in developing my skills as a web ‘practitioner’. They enabled me to become good at writing well structured HTML, stylesheets using pre-processors and then integrating them with content management systems such as wordpress and statamic. I studied user interaction design through personal use of cleverly designed systems. I learnt up to date design practices from books written by some of the brightest minds in the industry on how to build sites that were responsive and made use of newly specified CSS properties to add interest to a users experience with an interaction.

After I recent review with my tutors of my work this term I am beginning to question whether this was all in vain? Were the briefs pushing me creatively? Was I allowing myself the freedom to let my ideas, the reason clients hire us for, to blossom and develop? The BBC brief is supposed to be very conceptual and forward thinking. I began approaching it logistically and

They are asking questions such as ‘who will be the BBC’s competitors in five years’ time? What technologies will be available? These things are devoid of practice. They are purely idea based, pencil on paper.

This is where I’m struggling. I have devoted the past year to learning my practice. Should I instead have focused more on my ideas in conceptual and forward thinking ways, not worrying about being able to make them a reality?

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