Higher Resolutions

My aim to write 750 words a day is one of five resolutions for the coming year. I have set this one to try and get me writing down my thoughts as a way to let off a bit of ‘head stress’. I’ve read lots about the need for us as human beings to talk about things, even to ourselves as a way for our brains to process our thoughts.

I was influenced by Stef Lewandanski, the founder of the excellent Makeshift. He wrote a piece on the idea of setting ‘Higher Resolutions’. These were things that you could hold yourself to each and every day of the year. Something quantitive that could be completed and help to try and change your character, a habit forming thing or maybe something to stop.

So here are my other four resolutions. I plan to stick to them quite rigidly but won’t get too upset if I flag every now and again.

Learn new words and their definition

This is going to try and help my vocabulary grow and hopefully in turn make my writing skills a little better. It is also to try and make my memory slightly better. I struggle on a daily basis to remember a lot of my thoughts if I don’t make a note of them in the moment. I’m hoping that by trying to remember a new word and its meaning each day I can improve my memory when it comes to other things too! My word of the day yesterday was ‘disdainful’ and it means to hold in contempt.

Don’t work through your lunch break

I began to struggle with burnout before the Christmas break. Starting a new job made me want to impress and started to work on both office stuff and personal stuff through the evenings. This meant that for a lot of nights I was working right up until my head hit the pillow and found myself unable to sleep as my mind was still racing. It was a similar story in office hours too. There was a period of about three weeks where I was working through every lunch hour. I could notice a huge difference in my ability to work well in the afternoons when I was going out and taking a break.

Take more photos and publish them online

I’m awful at taking photographs. I’m even more terrible and publishing anything online. This resolution I set to try and overcome both.

Write about your work and processes

I want to start to give back to the community that has taught me so much over the past two years. I think I’m at a stage where some of the things I have learnt and picked up along the way will be helpful to those who are at a similar point that I was.

So there they are, my five ‘Higher Resolutions’ for the year.

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